Carrollwood Compounding Center and Pharmacy Collaborates with Tampa Eye Clinic on Relief for Dry Eye and Sjogren’s Syndrome

Carrollwood Compounding Center and Pharmacy announced today that it has collaborated with Dr. Adam Scheiner of Tampa Eye Clinic to formulate eye drops for the relief of Dry Eye and Sjogren’s Syndrome.  The eye drops are a proprietary formulation of Dr. Scheiner and named Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Drops.  PRP Drops are prepared from a patient’s own blood and compounded with artificial tears, antibiotics, and other proprietary medicines.  PRP Drops are available via prescription from Tampa Eye Clinic and fulfilled exclusively by Carrollwood Compounding Center and Pharmacy.

Autologous Serum Eye Drops vs Artificial Tears: The Safety of Unpreserved Eye Drops

Traditional artificial tears are created with artificial ingredients and preservatives that can cause irritation and toxicity in the eye.  The preservatives have been a necessary component to prevent bacterial contamination, but newer research and technologies created Autologous serum eye drops.  This alternative treatment provides the benefits of a preservative-free solution with the bacteriostatic effects of the natural blood serum.