AST Drops

If you are suffering from chronic dry eye or other ocular surface diseases and over the counter eye drops haven't been working, then AST Drops might be the right next step for you. AST Drops help many dry-eye patients live better lives due to natural biological properties. The drops are full of proteins and other substances that artificial tears can’t replicate, to help rebuild the critical layer between your eyelid and cornea. These natural factors prevent damage to the cornea, infection, and possible loss of vision by improving the thickness of the ocular surface. The use of AST Drops has been found to be very effective to treat dry eye syndrome, KET and other types of keratitis, Sjögren's syndrome, and other eye disorders. We are licensed to ship AST Drops as well as your other prescriptions throughout the state of Florida. Find out how easy it is to obtain your AST Drops!

How It Works


1. Talk to your doctor

Talk to your doctor to see if AST Drops are right for you. If so, your doctor will write a prescription with a concentration, dosage, and suggested frequency of use. When your doctor sends the prescription to us, one of our team members will contact you to help you through the next steps. 


2. Review with US

One of our compounding specialists will call you in regards to your prescription. Since AST Drops are not covered by insurance, we do require payment in advance before we can start compounding your medication. We'll discuss if you would prefer to pick up your prescription or have us ship it to you. Once payment is received, we will ship your cooler box which you will take to your blood serum draw appointment. A return UPS shipping label will also be provided in the box to be used once your lab appointment is completed.


3. visit a lab

Schedule an appointment with one of our affiliated labs near you and bring your cooler kit to your appointment. The amount of blood drawn will depend on the prescribed serum concentration. Once your blood serum draw is completed and the lab sends it back to us, we'll start working on your AST Drops as soon as possible. 


4. receive your Prescription

When your AST Drops prescription has been compounded and completed, we'll contact you to  pick them up, or, if you requested to have them shipped we will send them out right away.